The Sky's the Limit.....
SportPort Floating Docks
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Add space to your lakeshore, seawall or existing dock space.

If you need a dock, pier or walkway on the water, our floating dock system is perfect for swimming, boating, fishing or just hanging out by the water.

You can create any size or shape you want, from face docks to finger docks, from platforms to a row of PWC slips. What ever the need SportPort can handle the job.

Since our floating boat docks come in sections, you will be able to handle what you need now and expand later. All sections are securely fastened together by our exclusive locking pin. Need to rearrange or add, just pull the pin and add on!

There are a lot of reasons you may want to add a SportPort to your existing boat dock. Many times docks are built much higher than water level, which means if you are trying to launch a kayak or canoe, itís virtually impossible.

Just add a floating platform to the dock with a ladder and everyone can get down to water level easily. Donít worry about it getting punctured and sinking. Unlike our competitors, each SportPort piece is foam core filled, making our floating docks unsinkable!

How about this for a range of possibilities?