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Condition Cause Solution
 T-Piling & Panel Wall    
 Depressions in lawn behind seawall pilings  Seams leaking between T-pilings and panels.
 Scrape and clean seams on water side, seal with
hydro cement. Refill depressions.
 Depressions in lawn between pilings  Wall panels too short off bottom.  Aluminum sheet piles and concrete.
 Top wall section pushing out towards water.  Tierod failure and/or concrete anchor failure.
 Replace tierods on land side or install batter pilings
on water side.  In severe cases, replacement of wall
 Base of wall pushing out at bottom.  Pilings too short to support bottom pressure
 Drive Concrete pilings in front of existing T-pilings,
or replace wall in severe cases. 
 Coral Rock/Rubble Wall    
 Holes in lawn behind seawall.  Fill loss through wall or fill loss under wall
 Reseal face of wall on water side and backfill lawn.
Install aluminum sheet piles and concrete.
 Rock wall movement.
 Possible tie rod failure or probable
undermining from bottom.
 Replace tierods.
Aluminum sheet piles and concrete.  
 Dolphin Pilings    
 Deterioration of wood at tide zone.  Marine worms.  Replace piling.
 Dock Pilings    
 Deterioration of wood at tide zone  Marine worms.  Repair with collar or replace pilings.
Dock, Seawall and Piling Problems - The Homeowner's Guide